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Review – Magpie by Elizabeth Day

Synopsis: Sometimes Marisa gets the fanciful notion that Kate has visited the house before. She makes herself at home without any self-consciousness. She puts her toothbrush right there in the master bathroom, on the shelf next to theirs. In Jake, Marisa has found everything she’s ever wanted. Then their new lodger Kate arrives. Something about… Continue reading Review – Magpie by Elizabeth Day

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Q&A with Rachel Edwards

Hello everyone, today I have a very special Q&A for you. Lucky by Rachel Edwards is probably one of the most intense and unforgettable books I have read this year. It touched upon online gambling as well as identity and belonging which are very close to my heart. I am totally in love with it… Continue reading Q&A with Rachel Edwards

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Review – Animal by Lisa Taddeo

Synopsis: I drove myself out of New York City where a man shot himself in front of me. He was a gluttonous man and when his blood came out it looked like the blood of a pig.  That's a cruel thing to think, I know. He did it in a restaurant where I was having… Continue reading Review – Animal by Lisa Taddeo

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Review – The Whole Truth by Cara Hunter

Synopsis: She has everything at stake; he has everything to lose. But one of them is lying, all the same. When an Oxford student accuses one of the university's professors of sexual assault, DI Adam Fawley's team think they've heard it all before. But they couldn't be more wrong.  Because this time, the predator is… Continue reading Review – The Whole Truth by Cara Hunter

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Review – The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex

Synopsis: Cornwall, 1972. Three keepers vanish from a remote lighthouse, miles from the shore. The entrance door is locked from the inside. The clocks have stopped. The Principal Keeper’s weather log describes a mighty storm, but the skies have been clear all week. What happened to those three men, out on the tower? The heavy sea… Continue reading Review – The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex

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Review – To Cook A Bear by Mikael Niemi

Synopsis: Jussi, the young Sami boy Læstadius has rescued from destitution and abuse, becomes the preacher's faithful disciple on long botanical treks to explore the flora and fauna. Læstadius also teaches him to read and write - and to love and fear God.  When a milkmaid goes missing deep in the forest, the locals suspect… Continue reading Review – To Cook A Bear by Mikael Niemi

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Review – After The Silence by Louise O’Neill

Synopsis: On the day of Henry and Keelin Kinsella's wild party at their big house a violent storm engulfed the island of Inisrun, cutting it off from the mainland. When morning broke Nessa Crowley's lifeless body lay in the garden, her last breath silenced by the music and the thunder. The killer couldn't have escaped… Continue reading Review – After The Silence by Louise O’Neill

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Review – Girl in The Walls by A.J. Gnuse

Synopsis: She doesn’t exist. She can’t exist. ‘A uniquely gothic tale about grief, belonging and hiding in plain sight’ Jess Kidd, author of Things in Jars ’Those who live in the walls must adjust, must twist themselves around in their home, stretching themselves until they’re as thin as air. Not everyone can do what they can. … Continue reading Review – Girl in The Walls by A.J. Gnuse

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Review – Playing Nice by JP Delaney

Synopsis: Pete Riley answers the door one morning to a parent's worst nightmare. On his doorstep is Miles Lambert, who breaks the devastating news that Pete's two-year-old, Theo, isn't Pete's real son - their babies got mixed up at birth.  The two families - Pete, his partner Maddie, and Miles and his wife Lucy -… Continue reading Review – Playing Nice by JP Delaney

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Review – How Much of These Hills is Gold by C Pam Zhang

Synopsis: America. In the twilight of the Gold Rush, two siblings cross a landscape with a gun in their hands and the body of their father on their backs . . .  Ba dies in the night, Ma is already gone. Lucy and Sam, twelve and eleven, are suddenly alone and on the run. With their… Continue reading Review – How Much of These Hills is Gold by C Pam Zhang