Book Review

Review – Magpie by Elizabeth Day


Sometimes Marisa gets the fanciful notion that Kate has visited the house before. She makes herself at home without any self-consciousness. She puts her toothbrush right there in the master bathroom, on the shelf next to theirs.

In Jake, Marisa has found everything she’s ever wanted. Then their new lodger Kate arrives.

Something about Kate isn’t right. Is it the way she looks at Marisa’s boyfriend? Sits too close on the sofa? Constantly asks about the baby they are trying for? Or is it all just in Marisa’s head?

After all, that’s what her Jake keeps telling her. And she trusts him – doesn’t she?

But Marisa knows something is wrong. That the woman sleeping in their house will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Marisa just doesn’t know why.

How far will she go to find the answer – and how much is she willing to lose?

My Review:

Magpie by Elizabeth Day is utterly brilliant! I am still stunned and shocked at what happened. This is definitely one of my favourite reads of 2021. I couldn’t stop reading it and finished it in two days. You all need to read it, a must read!

I have gone through a whole lot of emotions with Magpie, a literary thriller at its perfection. I cannot say anything about what have happened in the book because everything is a surprise! You ought to experience them yourself. The whole time my inter monologue was “OMG!”, “oh dear”, “no way”, “WHAT!”, “surely not!” It was amazing and I have loved every moment of it.

Elizabeth’s writing is flawless. It gives us the sense of unease in the narrative which makes the reading experience unforgettable. It is very unsettling. I didn’t see any of the twists and turns coming, oh that twist!!!😱😱😱 That’s all I can say about it. You need to read it and see what I mean!

Elizabeth has not only given us a literary thriller that has everything we need, but also a book that left me thinking and feeling a lot of emotions and I want to specifically acknowledge them. She has tackled some of the most important topics in this story that will for sure pull at your heartstring. Again I cannot say what they are as they can be seen as spoilers for the story and you need to read for yourself. But they were raw and handled sensitively and I felt my heart break reading them. I want to thank Elizabeth for bringing them to readers’ attention and let us feel the emotions and heartbreaks, so we know what’s it like to go through them.

Wow, what a ride. Thank you so much Elizabeth for writing this story and thank you so much Liv and 4th Estate Book for sending me this beautiful copy. I highly highly recommend Magpie. It is out on 2 Sept! A must read.

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