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Review – The Five Clues by Anthony Kessel


Don’t Doubt the Rainbow is a new contemporary detective series with a difference – to solve each mystery, 13-year-old Edie Marble must harness the Three Principles, a new approach to understanding how the mind works that is currently proving invaluable in improving mental health and well-being in children internationally.

The first book in the series, The Five Clues, is a real-time murder-mystery thriller and family drama, combining an exciting race against time with a heart-rending story about a teenager learning to live with the loss of a beloved parent.

Walking back from her mother’s grave, 13-year-old schoolgirl Edie Marble finds a note in a pocket of the sheepskin coat that she hasn’t worn since the day, a year earlier, when she received the awful news of her mother’s death. The note is from her mother, who had been looking into a corporate human rights violation and had become fearful for her life after receiving death threats. She trusts only Edie – because of their special bond and Edie’s intelligence – and has laid a trail of clues for Edie to find that will help her to shed light on the violation and uncover the mystery around her death.

Through her wit and determination, Edie steadily gathers evidence and negotiates the dramatic twists and turns of the story by collaborating with her friends and family to gradually unearth a sinister attempt by a pharmaceutical company to conceal their illegal development of a lethal virus.

As Edie’s investigations progress she is introduced, in parallel, to the Three Principles, which help her conquer various psychological stresses and support her in coming to terms with her grief.

Reading age 11+.

My review:

I finished The Five Clues, book 1 in Don’t Doubt the Rainbow mystery by Anthony Kessel last week and it was excellent. I couldn’t put it down at all!

This new teen mystery book was full of adventures and actions. The turn of events took me by surprise and I didn’t know what to expect next. All I knew was I needed to find out what’s the next clue and how Edie, our main protagonist was going to solve it. I really loved the way how the story revolved around the five different clues and how gradually people around Edie worked together to solve it. I loved how it keep you guessing!

Even though the subject matter was heavy and it dealt with the passing of one parent and murder, there were also lots of tensions and heart stoping moments that empowered you to continue and find out, just like Edie, what happened to her mother. It touched upon very important topics of how we deal with grief and how we recover from trauma. It was done beautifully.

I was on the journey with Edie to solve the clues and find the meaning behind it. I am so intrigued with the Three Principles being referred to in the book and how these principles help Edie overcame her emotions and coming to terms with her grief.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Five Clues and I thought this was an excellent read for 11 + years old. I cannot wait for book2! This is going to be an amazing series.

Thank you so much Crown House Publishing for this beautiful copy to review!

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