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How The One-armed Sister Sweeps Her House by Cherie Jones


In Baxter’s Beach, Barbados, Lala’s grandmother Wilma tells the story of the one-armed sister, a cautionary tale about what happens to girls who disobey their mothers. 

For Wilma, it’s the story of a wilful adventurer, who ignores the warnings of those around her, and suffers as a result.

When Lala grows up, she sees it offers hope – of life after losing a baby in the most terrible of circumstances and marrying the wrong man.

And Mira Whalen? It’s about keeping alive, trying to make sense of the fact that her husband has been murdered, and she didn’t get the chance to tell him that she loved him after all.

HOW THE ONE-ARMED SISTER SWEEPS HER HOUSE is the powerful, intense story of three marriages, and of a beautiful island paradise where, beyond the white sand beaches and the wealthy tourists, lies poverty, menacing violence and the story of the sacrifices some women make to survive.

My Review:

First of all can we talk about this title? How incredibly uniqued and captivating? When I first saw this title, I instantly was hooked and wanted to read this book. Why such title? What does it mean?

How The One-Armed Sister Sweeps her House by Cherie Jones, to me, was an incredibly hard hitting read. It was not a long book but gosh it affected me deeply. Set in Caribbean Barbados, each chapter was told from a different person’s perspective but ultimately it is about our protagonist Lala’s life. A hard life, a life she didn’t want for herself and a life she desperately wanted to escape. Short but packed with so many emotions. It is a story about domestic violence, about poverty, about tragic loss (I found it utterly devastating when I read this part), about second chance and about salvation.

Cherie Jones has crafted a tale which hums with and evoke so much compassion and empathy. It’s hard to hear the truth but it is worthy. This is an outstanding debut!

Thank you so much Tinder Press for this copy to review. I highly recommend it!

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