Book Review

Review – If I Can’t Have You by Charlotte Levin


What if the problem with your love life is you?

If I Can’t Have You by Charlotte Levin is an all-consuming novel about loneliness, obsession and how far we go for the ones we love.

Samuel, the day we met I knew I’d finally found what I’ve been waiting for.


Happiness, at last.

Then you left me.

And now I am alone.

Everyone I love leaves in the end.

But not this time.

I’m not giving up on us.

I’m not giving up on you.

When you love someone, you never let them go.

That’s why for me, this is just beginning.

My Review:

When you love someone and that love somehow becomes an unhealthy obsession, things will start to get a little bit strange at first, and then maybe weird, and then scary and then dangerous… I read If I Can’t You the last couple of days and have really enjoyed it!

Well not sure “enjoy” is the right word here as this book is so much deeper and darker than I have expected it to be. I was expecting story similar to You but what I got was so much more. It begins with our main character Constance covered in blood in a wedding dress on the tube with one of teeth almost falling out… like what happened?! I was intrigued instantly! The story dealt with a lot of heavy subjects, such as obsession and suicide, so trigger warning is definitely needed here.

The book is full of humour but the funnier we find Constance to be, the sadder I feel for her. She is desperate for love and is lonely and not well. We as a reader are about to witness something horrible happening. What we can do to stop it? Are the people around Constance really know her well and are they there truly for her best interest?

Overall, this is such a seductive and funny but also very unsettling and uncomfortable story. Romance mixed with psychological thriller. It is fantastic. I love that ending too, it feels just right! If you love a thriller, I will definitely recommend it. If I Can’t Have You by Charlotte Levin is published by Mantle Book and is out now. Thank you so much Mantle Book and ED PR for this copy to review.

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