Book Review

Review Picture Book – The Tide

A picture book that makes us cry…

We read The Tide for the first time one evening a couple of weeks ago and it was so unexpected that this book had moved me to tears…

It is a story about a little girl who is trying to understand why her grandad starts to forget things. It is a beautiful, tear-jerker of a story that powerfully combines the parallels of childhood mishaps with the imagery of the ebb and flow of the tide to help children understand and come to terms with the challenges of dementia in a beloved grandparent. It is so beautifully written and illustrated. It is tender, it is bittersweet but it is also full of warm and most of all, love.

It is such a moving story to teach young children compassion and understanding. This has become one of our very favourite picture books ever. The Tide is written by Clare Helen Welsh and illustrated by Ashling Lindsay. Thank you so much Little Tiger Books for gifting us this amazing copy❤️

Isn’t it just so amazing?

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