Book Review

Review – Once Upon An Atom: Questions of Science

| Once Upon An Atom: Questions of Science, written by James Carter and illustrated by Willian Santiago |

Children are an open book, this couldn’t be any more true! Once you observe your child for a while, you would know what he likes and what gets his attention. Maxi LOVES pictures books with bold colors, striking and big illustrations and also vivid words. Well, Once Upon An Atom is definitely a winner for us!

From BIG BANGS to tiny atoms SCIENCE tells us why things happen. Explore the whys, whats and hows of science and answer all the really BIG questions that curious kids are keen to ask. This picture book has everything you would want to introduce your little one to the big subject: science. It is very easy to understand and also extremely fun to read.

In my opinion, this book is perfect for all age groups. New born: perfect for sensory development because of the bold color used in the illustrations; young toddler, perfect for introducing the habit of reading, learning different words, different animals, colors; older toddler, well this will guarantee lots of talking points and questions being asked about science we parents may not even know the answers, and a trip to the science museum🙌🏼

We love this book! I will definitely recommend it as I can see this is a book we will read for many years to come!

Again, thank you SO much Little Tiger Book for sending us this amazing book to read! Once Upon An Atom: Questions of Science is out on 2 April. Make sure you have this on your list!❤️

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