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Review – Peekaboo Sun by Ingela Arrhenius

| Peekaboo Sun by Ingela Arrhenius |

You can never have enough interactive books for a toddler! We received this adorable interactive book from the lovely Rebecca at Nosy Crow and Maxi has been loving it so much that he asks for it every morning when he wakes up and every night before he goes to bed!

The illustrations are just adorable. We have learnt about different objects and animals in this book but the push, pull, slide and turn interactive parts have really captured Maxi’s attention; they are soooo good for his motor skills! To us, the bonus is the actual “Peekaboo”! Whenever he pushes, pulls or slides, we will make the peekaboo sounds and Maxi will for sure laughs hysterically! It’s so funny to watch. He just loves it.
Also (spoiler alert😂), the last big reveal is actually a mirror and Maxi LOVES it the most! He will squeal when he reveals the last “Peekaboo” and sees himself in the mirror. It is just such a fun book for him. We love it❤️

Thank you so much again Rebecca and Nosy Crow for this lovely book! Peekaboo Sun is coming soon this summer. Be sure to add this to your list for your little baby or toddler!❤️

And yes, as you can see from the pics, Maxi just woke up one morning and he asked for this book; and yes his favourite soft toy at the moment is Bunbun from Jellycat😂❤️

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