Book Review

Review – Here We Are, Notes for Living On Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers

Wow, talk about a picture book that has actually moved me to tears! Maxi is 13 months old and I read Here We Are for the first time. It has taken me by a complete surprise and I wasn’t prepared to be affected so much in this way.

“Well hello.
Welcome to this planet.
We call it earth.”

Here we are is a heart felt book written and illustrated by Oliver to his little baby son Harland; it was Oliver’s way to try to make sense of the world for him. From space to universe, from land to sea, from animals to us people, Oliver used his uniqued ability to create this stunning modern classic. It is incredibly moving and poignant. The messages are beautifully written, they are so profoundly important that we, not just little children but we all should read it. It will for sure touch your heart string.

The illustration is one of the best I have ever seen in a picture book. It is just stunning. All the attention to details, all the different shapes and colors will definitely promote the little ones asking lots of questions. But it is the scale of the drawings, the pictures in one spread that impress me the most! The entire universe, the living things on earth can be demonstrated in pictures in such simple way. Honestly I am in awe. I truly believe this is a book every household with young children should have! What an incredible book!

This special edition of Here We Are is out now. We also listened to the audio CD came with the book, read by Oliver himself, it was just beautiful! Thank you so much Harper Collins for so generously gifting us this copy to read!

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