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Review – A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

| A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara |

I will keep it short.

A Little Life has become my top 3 favourite books of all time. This is a masterpiece of writing and a story like no other. It has completely destroyed me and broken my heart. But I am so glad I have finally read it and been reminded what it felt like to read a masterpiece. There are a lot of books I love and like but I haven’t felt such strong emotion and despair for a very very long time.

To me, this is a story about life, the good side of life and the bad side of life. It is about friendship, it is about unconditional love, it is about evil, it is about what people can do to an innocent soul, about how those actions can alter the course of so many people’s lives, it is about the misery of life, it is about life. It is about the compassion we have for people we know or don’t know, about how hard we try to undo the wrong but sometimes it may just be too late. It is about acceptance, about finding peace at the end.

Do I recommend this book? Yes I do but you need to read the trigger warning at the end of this post. This book has destroyed me and I feel such deep sorrow in my heart, a very very heavy heart since I start reading this book. But just like life, there are bad and there are good, you will have to read it for yourself to see.

I will end this review with a quote from the book that I have loved so much that brought me to tears “but then he hears the glass door slide open, and all three of them turn and look up the slopping hill to see Jude holding a tray of drinks, and all three of them stand to go help him. But there is a moment before they beginning heading uphill, and Jude begins walking towards them in which they all hold their positions, and it reminds him of a set, in which every scene can be redone, every mistake can be corrected, every sorrow reshot.and in that moment, they are on one edge of the frame, and Jude is on the other, but they are all smiling at each other, and the world seems to hold nothing but sweetness.”

Trigger warning: r*pe, ch*ld abuse, domestic violence, self harm, suicide


4 thoughts on “Review – A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara”

  1. I read this book and it broke me. The story was so deep, characters so well writren. Literally balled my eyes out on this one.
    It’s strange but I hope I had never read this book so I could read this all over again.
    720pages long but felt I needed more. Literally on my top favourites now.

    I know it’s a bleak read, but which other book like this would you recommend?


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