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Review – Safe House by Jo Jakeman

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Safe House by Jo Jakeman. This book has got me guessing till the very end!


The morning after a terrible storm, a woman turns up in a remote Cornish village. She calls herself Charlie, but it’s a name she’s only had for a few days. She keeps herself to herself, reluctant to integrate with the locals. Because Charlie has a secret.

Charlie was in prison for providing a false alibi for a murderer. But Lee Fisher wasn’t a murderer to her; he was the man she loved. Convinced of his innocence, Charlie said she was with him the night a young woman was killed. 

And now she has a chance to start again. But someone is watching her, waiting for her, wondering if she’s really paid the price for what she did….

My Review:

I love a thriller that keeps me guessing till the very end. Safe House by Jo Jakeman is one of those books that has me hooked from page 1 and my mind has not stopped trying to figure the plot since!

This psychological thriller is quite different than the others I have read before. It started quite slow and the storyline gradually built up the plot twists and big reveal. I find it very refreshing. With the slow burn, the readers have more time to digest the events and then form their own suspicious of what’s going to happen next. That’s why I said this book kept me guessing from page 1! Charlie is a great female protagonist; despite the secrets she has kept and the debatable choices she has made, I find her very likeable and intriguing. The multiple POVs and the beautiful scenery of Cornwall has also added lots of dimensions to the storytelling.

What I love most about Safe House is how the author created such deceptive and dangerous vibes throughout the book. You never know what’s going to happen and just keep guess until you reach the end of the book.

I find it a very enjoyable and very fast read. If you love a psychological thriller then definitely check it out! Also the ebook of Safe House is only 99p in the month of November, such a great bargain. Make sure you check it out here.

Thank you so much Mia and Harvill Secker for this beautiful copy!

Blog Tour:

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