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Extract – Mummy Needs A Break by Susan Edmunds

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Mummy Needs A Break by Susan Edmund! I read this hilarious book a while back and it has made me laugh out loud so much. As a new mum I really relates to the Mummy parts. Not only it is so funny but also full of hearts and emotions. I really enjoyed this book!

Today I have got an extract for you. Hope you enjoy it and pick up the book. It’s the perfect summer read!


A hilarious story of the ups and downs of unexpected single motherhood, the perfect laugh-out-loud romance for fans of Why Mummy Drinks, The Unmumsy Mum and The Not So Perfect Mum.

With a devilish toddler and baby number two on the way, Rachel’s big dream is to one day go to the toilet on her own. So, she’s surprised to discover that her husband has found the time to have an exciting affair while she’s been bringing up their family.

Suddenly, Rachel is left wrangling with a child who will only eat crackers and a 35-week bump. She knows even Mumsnet isn’t going to solve this.

What Rachel needs is a handsome, good-with-children, single man. But she can barely leave the house without a stain on her top and child on her hip. How on earth can she claim her life back, let alone thinking about dating?


I locked my phone and pushed it away from me on my desk,as if touching it again might prompt another world destroying revelation. Thomas was still at my parents’ house but there was no hope of me getting any of the work on my to-do list done. What was I meant to do next?

I tapped an email out to my boss. Being very pregnant afforded few luxuries but no-questions-asked sick leaveseemed to be one of them. I was walking aimlessly around the living room when a car pulled up outside. Through the venetian blinds, I could see a woman in sharp stiletto heels, black culottes and a spaghetti-strap pink camisole that did not quite cover her red bra, extracting herself from the driver’s seat. Her long, almost puce hair caught in the door as she closed it behind her. My sister, Amy. She looked as though she was ready for a night out, not an excursion into deepest suburbia to visit me.

My shoulders slumped. Could I face a visit? I was still seesawing between a scream and hysterical laughter. I had had to bury my head in the fridge and pretend I was organising dinner when my parents came to pick up Thomas – and that was before that phone call. My neck was tense all the way down my spine, but I couldn’t even lie flat to stretch out.

I opened the door before she could knock. She swayed slightly, her heels digging into the soft ground as she pickedher way across the lawn. ‘Rachel, darling.’

I gestured to her to wipe a spot of pink lipstick from her top teeth. ’Amy. You didn’t tell me you were coming by.’

She kissed my cheek as she pushed past me. She was still wearing the lanyard and security pass that let her into thedouble-storey restaurant and bar complex where she worked.

’Are you on maternity leave yet? I figured you might be bored. Thought we could have a bit of a catch-up. Maybe get some lunch?’

‘I’ve still got a week and a bit. Look, I’ve got something I need to deal with.’ I shot her a look. When we were ten, she’d been able to tell when I had stashed KitKats in the wardrobe. Surely there would be no way I was hiding this one.

‘Now really isn’t a good time.’ She wasn’t looking at me.

‘What are you talking about? It’s been ages since we got together.’

It hadn’t, we’d had lunch last week. Amy was picking through a pile of magazines on my coffee table. ‘Mind if I take this one?’ It was the latest issue of Women’s Health, promising ten ways to bring on labour.

I’d figured if my baby was still tucked up in there the day before my due date, I’d allow myself to read it.

Thank you so much Sabah and Avon Books for gifting me this copy to review!

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