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Review – Almost Adult by Ali Pantony

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Almost Adult by Ali Pantony. I finished this book in May right after I received the proof copy and I still thought about this book often. It was a fantastic read!


The struggle is real but at least they’re all in it together.

Ever managed to kill a succulent after just a few days?
Got seven reminder letters on the kitchen table because you forgot to pay your council tax?
Become a hot mess who’s falling apart because they’ve been broken up with?

Mackie, Edele, Alex and Nat are navigating their chaotic and confusing twenties together. They have jobs and pay their own rent (well, most of them) but don’t know how to bleed radiators, defrost a freezer or test the smoke alarms. 

With break-ups to deal with and major decisions to make, life can get messy especially when they’re still trying to get the hang of this ‘being a grown-up’ thing.

Welcome to the joys of being almost adults.

My Review:

Almost Adult centers around 4 best friends Mackie, Edele, Alex and Nat. All 4 of them are at their late 20s and all of them are facing a problem or two (or more) in their adult life. Break-ups, living at home still, career choices, doing what’s right for themselves are all part of growing up and navigating different choices in this complicated world. They are funny, quirky and most of all they are best friends. They are a tight unit and have each other’s back whatever happens. This is what I love most about this book! The strong and unbreakable friendship among them are so lovely to see and incredibly empowering.

I really enjoyed Ali’s writing. It is humorous and has lots of british quirkiness. A lot of details are very resonating to me as I have been there myself! We all know the overwhelming pressure to do well and “get it together” when we entered adulthood, Ali captured this perfectly through the different POVs in this novel. I laughed out loud so many times at Edele’s chapters. She has the British humours that I love! I raced through this book and had a really great time reading it!

Thank you so much Alice and Ebury Publishing gifting me this copy to review!

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