Book Review

Review – The Girl At The Door by Veronica Raimo


A tense, provocative and nuanced novel about a rape accusation in an idyllic commune

I was in my sixth month when the girl came knocking.

The girl came empty handed. On the threshold, her hair down, her jeans tight.

‘Are you the professor’s wife?’ the girl asked me. ‘I have to speak to you,’ she said.

‘The professor raped me,’ the girl said.

My Review:

The story starts with a girl who turned up unexpectedly one day at her professor’s house. The girl was met with the professor’s girlfriend where she told the girlfriend that she was raped by the professor. The book continues on with two narrators, one the girlfriend the other the professor himself.

This book is not what I expected it to be but in a good way. I don’t really want to say what and why as I think this is the surprise that makes the book unique for me. You would think the rest of the book will be about trying to find out what exactly happened between the girl and the professor; yes and no. The author has taken a different approach here where she put the focus on the relationship between the professor and his girlfriend; on the background of why both of them come to this new city where the professor teaches; and on this new society / city they both live in.

I do think this is a book that will make you question what’s right and what’s wrong. I do think at times it is a bit confusing and weird as to the message the author trying to convey but it is engrossing and intriguing at equal measure. Therefore this is a book that requires you to take your time to read and then reflect and think about it. It is so relevant right now and is one that every literary lover should check out!

Thank you so much Liv and 4th Estate Books for gifting me this copy to review!

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