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Review – Crushed by Kate Hamer

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Crushed by Kate Hamer. Another absolutely fantastic and engrossing book from Kate!


Phoebe stands on Pulteney Bridge, tights gashed from toe to thigh. The shock of mangled metal and blood-stained walls flashes through her mind as she tries to cover her face so she won’t be recognised. It wouldn’t do to be spotted looking like this. She’s missing a shoe. She feels sick.

Phoebe thought murder and murder happened. Thoughts are just thoughts, they said. Now she knows they were wrong.

At home, Phoebe arranges the scissors and knives so they point toward her mother’s room. She is exhausted, making sure there’s no trace of herself – not a single hair, not even her scent – left anywhere in the house. She must not let her thoughts unravel, because if they do, there’s no telling who might be caught in the crossfire, and Phoebe will have to live with the consequences.

My Review:

When I saw the synopsis of Crushed at the end of last year, I was hooked immediately and wanted to read it straight away. I finished this book a couple of months ago and still thought about it every now and then. Whenever I think about it, I still have goosebumps and have flashback of how sinister it felt when I was reading it at the time! Crushed, in my opinion, is quite different than Kate Hamer’s previous books but is equally amazing!

It is a dark, twisted and riveting story about Phoebe, Orla and Grace’s toxic and obsessive friendship and their complicated and destructive home life. I didn’t know the book was told from three different perspectives when I saw the synopsis but it worked out so well. It added so much dimension to the story. It made the characters even more real and, because of this, more creepy as we got to know what made them do certain things and why they did certain things.

I particularly loved how Kate wrote about the fragile friendship between these three characters. The lies, the jealousy, the broken trust. There are events happened in the book that will make you feel very uncomfortable while others will make you feel quite sorry for the characters. There are twist after twist until the end. It was quite a dark ride to say the least!

I purposely keep the details of the book vague as you really need to experience this yourself. The unexpected and chilling nature of them is one of the main reasons why I love this book! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Crushed!

Thank you so much Sophie and Faber Faber for gifting me this copy to review! Crushed is out now on all platforms.

Blog Tour:

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