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Review: Star-Crossed by Minnie Darke

Today is my stop at the blog tour for Star-Crossed by Minnie Darke. Such a wonderfully written and heart-warming read!


In this sparkling romantic comedy, a young journalist tampers with her magazine’s horoscopes to win her friend’s heart – and sets in motion an unpredictable and often hilarious ripple effect. . . 

Destiny doesn’t happen by accident . . . 

When Justine Carmichael (Sagittarius, aspiring journalist and sceptic) bumps into her teenage crush Nick Jordan (Aquarius, struggling actor and true believer) it could be by chance. Or it could be written in the stars. 

Justine works at the Alexandria Park Star – and Nick, she now learns, relies on the magazine’s astrology column to guide him in life. 

Looking for a way to get Nick’s attention, Justine has the idea of making a few small alterations to the horoscope for Aquarius before it goes to print. 

After all, it’s only the stars. What could possibly go wrong? 

Star-crossed is a perfect love story for fans of Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella and Josie Silver. 

My Review:

First of all, what a sweet, quirky and just overall feel good story! I enjoyed Star-Crossed immensely. I finished it a couple of weeks ago and it still makes me smile every time I think about it. The perfect book to read in spring!

It tells the story of Justine, who works in Alexandria Park Star magazine, learns that her teenage crush Nick relies heavily on the magazine’s astrology column to guide him in life. In order for Nick to fall in love with her, Justine starts to make changes of the astrology column…

I just love everything about this! Not so much now but growing up I did believe heavily in astrology and I did use it to check if the boy I liked and I would stand any chance; or what I could do to make him notice me. Justine’s behaviour just brought back so many memories ! I just relate so much to Justine. If I was given the chance back then, I would do the same to alter the astrology section and edit it to my advantage!

Star-Crossed is hilarious to say the least! What I also enjoy the most is the changes Justine makes also impact others apart from Nick. The cast of characters really bring the story to life and make it such an enjoyable story.

Minnie’s writing is engaging and I really appreciate all the research and information about astrology itself. I love how Minnie writes the dialogues between the characters. The banters and jokes are just hilarious but also very believable.

Overall, this is a book I would highlighly recommend. Such a joyful, hopeful and sweet story. You will feel good after reading it. I really hope it will be made into a movie soon! It will be brilliant!

Thank you so much Hannah and Transworld Book for gifting me this beautiful proof to review.

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