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Review – The Shadow Between Us by Carol Mason

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What is it about the coast that attracts people running from their past?

When Olivia moves to Port Townsend, her marriage is floundering, and her life is in pieces. She doesn’t know if things with her husband Mark are truly over, or quite why the phone call she longs for on her daughter’s birthday will never come. 

Joining a letter-writing club seems like a harmless decision. But when she meets Ned, an ex-soldier badly wounded in Afghanistan, this unlooked-for friendship revives unexpected emotions and memories she’d rather forget. 

Can Olivia find the courage to confront what she’s hiding from and finally begin to heal the wounds that have torn her life apart? From the bestselling author of After You Left comes a story about finding hope in second chances.

My Review:

Wow, this book has taken me by a complete surprise! I started reading The Shadow Between Us without any expectation as Carol Mason was a new author to me. However by the end of it I have fallen completely in love with this book and I have become a huge fan of hers! So much so I ordered two of her other books After You Left and The Last Time We Met!

The Shadow Between Us centers around Olivia, a protagonist who is haunted by the trauma from her past. She has decided to leave her husband and daughter behind and settled in Port Townsend. In this new town she has joined a letter writing club where she met an Afghanistan veteran Ned. Everything starts there.

I will start my review by saying that I fell in love with The Shadow Between Us because of Carol Mason’s captivated writing. It is exquisite and haunting. Through the author’s words, we can feel Olivia’s pain and emptiness. Because of such lyrical writing, the readers naturally feel compassion and empathy towards the characters. I also particularly enjoyed the alternation between the present and the past timeline. It draws me to the story and characters completely. Carol Mason has introduced a perfect character with lots of imperfections and this is why I love author’s character building so much. I do think Carol Mason has mastered this story telling by her beautiful prose.

This is such a complex and yet intriguing story. There are enough suspense to keep me guessing until the end, especially the question: what exactly happened to Olivia in the past? The plot twists are unpredictable and I did wonder the whole time I was reading it where the author would take us and how the story would end. I really enjoyed it!

One of the best feelings for a book lover is to discover a new author that you love. This was such an unexpected surprise and I have become a huge fan. I strongly recommend The Shadow Between Us!

The Shadow Between Us by Carol Mason is published in paperback and eBook on 21 March by Lake Union Publishing. 

Thank you so much Sian and ED PR for sending me this beautiful review copy!

About The Author

Carol Mason was born and grew up in the north-east of England. As a teenager she was crowned Britain’s National Smile Princess and subsequently became a model, diplomat-in-training, hotel receptionist and advertising copywriter. She currently lives in British Columbia, Canada, with her Canadian husband. To learn more about Carol and her novels, visit

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