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Blog Tour: The Love Factory by Elaine Proctor

Today is my stop at The Love Factory by Elaine Proctor blog tour! I am so very excited to share some information and details of this book with you. This book is so intriguing and sexy but also very realistic. It has resonated with so many. It truly is a book right up my alley!


Anna is a writer whose small but perfectly formed novels just don’t sell.  When she falls on hard times and tries her hand at erotic fiction, she faces an uncomfortable truth. Though she’s a wife and mother of two, her stories fail to fly because she’s never experienced true sexual desire. Even her Sicilian grandmother – wearer of diamante sunglasses and knock-off Louis Vuitton handbags – knows more than she does about true passion.

After a romance-writing workshop doesn’t help, Anna turns to her friends for inspiration. As secrets and desires are revealed, Anna discovers more about the people close to her than she ever knew. When Cordelia, a romance-writing classmate, suggests she borrows an alter ego to banish her inhibitions, a new world opens up to Anna and The Love Factory – a group of writers penning ever more successful sexy stories – is born.

And yet Anna knows that she can’t rely on borrowed passion and an alter ego forever. For her tales to truly sizzle, she needs to find a proper love of her own…

About The Author:

Elaine Proctor was born in South Africa. She became involved in the anti-apartheid movement as a teenager and filmed several political documentaries up until 1986, when the political situation made it impossible for her to continue and she left to study at the National Film and Television School in Britain. She has made several films, including On The Wire and Friends (selected by the Cannes Film Festival and winner of the Mention Speciale – Prix de Camera D’Or), has written a series for the BBC and published two novels, Rhumba and The Savage Hour. She sits on the chapter for screenwriting at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and is a member of the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain. Elaine lives in Little Venice, London.

What Others Are Saying:

‘A compelling piece of fiction, complete with a succession of terrific set-pieces and a touching plot…thrilling’ Daily Mail

‘This is epic storytelling. Tender and moving, Rhumba proves Elaine Proctor to be a great novelist’ Mike Leigh on Rhumba

Love Factory is out now and you can purchase here.

Thank you so much Alainna and Quercus Book for sending me this gorgeous advanced copy!

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