Book Review

Midnight Hunter by Brianna Hale (a quick review)


He’s hunting me, and there’s nowhere to run. East Berlin, 1963. I thought I understood the consequences of trying to flee to the West. Death. Imprisonment without trial. Instead I’m being hunted by the most dangerous man in the city, secret police officer Reinhardt Volker. Now I’m his prize, no longer a traitorous factory girl but his elegant and pampered secretary. He wants to possess me, body, soul – and heart. I’ll do anything to get away from him, but first that means getting closer. I want to feel only hatred for my captor but beneath his uniform I discover a man with a past as scarred as Berlin’s. And if I don’t escape him soon it will be too late.

My Review: 4/5 Amazing Stars!

I finished Midnight Hunter today. Oh my heart. I love this book! It is just perfect.

You all know I love historical romance and this one just has everything I love in it. Set in 1960’s East Berlin, I can’t tell how much research the author has put in to write this book and how well she executed this. I know there is some controversy about the relationship between the hero and the heroine. To me, this is what love is about. You cannot control who you fall in love with and this is life. Life is unpredictable and full of surprises. It is love and hope that propel us forward.

I truly enjoyed this book. It is detailed and engaging. It has a strong heroine and a terrifying hero. It is sexy, thrilling and heart gripping.

If you love historical romance then definitely check it out!

(I do not own the pictures which I used to make the above edit)

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