Book Review

Women by Chloe Caldwell


‘A beautiful read / a perfect primer for an explosive lesbian affair / an essential truth’ Lena Dunham

‘I have meditated repeatedly on what it was about Finn that had me so dismantled.’

A young woman moves from the countryside to the city. Inexplicably, inexorably and immediately, she falls in love with another woman for the first time in her life. Finn is nineteen years older than her, wears men’s clothes, has a cocky smirk of a smile – and a long-term girlfriend. With precision, wit and tenderness, Women charts the frenzy and the fall out of love.

My review: 5/5 WOW stars!

Wow, just wow! I think this book is going to be on my top read list of 2018. Such a short book which is only around 100 pages, but oh my goodness, what an amazing 100 pages it is.

I am quite surprised myself with this too to be very honest. I started this book not having many expectations as I haven’t read a lot of LGBT related fiction (which is one of the new year resolutions for 2018 that I need to read more LGBT-themed books). Only 10 pages in I was spellbound and obsessed. In one single sitting in 2 hours, I was completely and utterly in love with this book.

This book sometimes read like diary entries, or notes, I am not sure, but it is so unique. I haven’t read anything like it. It tells a story about a straight woman falling in love with a lesbian. This love starts from passionate and loving to obsessive and destructive. The storylines feel so intimate. It is so direct, it tells it straight from the character’s heart. It is sexual, it is relatable, it is honest, it is sad. Wow, I think that’s all I am going to say, it is simply quite amazing.

And I know some people complain about the ending that it ends too abrupt. To me, it is genius! That’s why I love it so much because this is life. It’s not like every story in fiction we read that there will always be a satisfactory ending. Life is like this, sometimes the pain goes on for a long long time, you don’t necessary get an ending. It may take time, and it may take a long time for a broken heart to heal.

Definitely recommended. It should be on top of your list to read.

About The Author:

Chloe Caldwell is the author of the essay collection I’ll Tell You in Person and the novella, WOMEN. She teaches creative nonfiction writing in New York City and online, and lives in Hudson.

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