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The Tsar of Love and Techno by Anthony Marra 

OMG this book, OMG! WHAT A BOOK! I am so stunned! I feel so sad feel sooo soooo sad, but what a book! It is a MUST READ! Seriously this book is EVERYTHING!

This book consists of several individual stories, HOWEVER each story is somehow in one way or the other linked to one another! The whole book follows the lives of several individuals before the Second World War, during the Stalin period and the new Russia era. I can honestly tell you I have never read a book like this before! The whole book started with a painting, a painting somehow linked so many souls together, told so many different stories, witnessed so many different tragedies and lived so many different lives.

The amount of facts that appear in the book is AMAZING! I found myself googling the history, the landscape, the painting, the characters non stop while reading! I learnt so much through this book and I felt sooo sad, so sad for EVERYTHING, so sad for all the things that had happened in the book! It broke my heart to think that there were sooo many people during those times indeed lived like this and indeed went through all the heartbreaks and turmoils!

The writing in this book is phenomenal. The author really really has his unique way using and choosing words. It really really touched me deeply, my soul and my heart. This is the book that will stay with me for a long long long time.

Definitely recommend it.

5/5 stars!

Title: The Tsar of Love and Techno; Author: Anthony Marra; Publisher: Vintage


1930s Leningrad: a failed portrait artist employed by Soviet censors must erase political dissenters from official images and artworks. One day, he receives an antique painting. The mystery behind this painting threads together each of the stories that follow, where we meet a Siberian beauty queen, a young soldier in the battlefields of Chechnya, the Head of the Grozny Tourist Bureau, a ballerina performing for the camp director of a gulag and many others.

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