Book Review, Favourite

From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon 

A huge congratulation to one of my favourite authors Amy Harmon! From Sand and Ash has made No.1 in Amazon this week! This book was one of my top read for 2016. Set in the period of Second World War in Italy, this book tells a story about evil and survival but most of all about family, about loyalty, about friendships, about young love and that it is LOVE that conquers all after all…

THIS is why I fall in love with reading! The words, the sentences, the paragraphs, the passages, the story, the history, the journey, THE EVERYTHING! We always say that books transform life through words and pages, once again I find myself so exposed to all the emotions this book has drawn from me! Once again I find myself so vulnerable to all the feelings this book has made me feel! Once again I find myself come to the understanding that my life has forever been changed again by Amy’s words and by her extraordinary story.

It has hurt so much, my heart hurts so much. I want to ripe my heart out and give it to Amy and beg her to stop this! Stop making me feel EVERYTHING! Stop the ache in my heart! I can’t take this anymore!

I wept, I WEPT! I felt like my guts have been torn out and the ache! THE ACHE has not stopped and it will not stop. It is by no mean an easy book to read, it shouldn’t be, it should NEVER be an easy book to read. This was war, this was life, death, inhumanity, indignity, separation and desperation. I want to look away from the truth, I want to hide in the shadow and wipe for those who were forever lost, I want to close my eyes and not feel the hurt the ache and the despair anymore. But I didn’t, I wouldn’t. I tell myself this is the least I can do, to know the truth, to face the truth and to remember those who were lost but hope that eventually they had found home and peace, again.

Story is told so we can remember the past. Will we ever learn? Will the world ever see? Will people ever remember the truth? What is it that make us whole? What is it that bring us together? What is it that make us human? It is love. It is love for your children, it is love for your parents, it is love for your siblings, it is love for your friends, and it is love for humanity. It is unconditional love that has prevailed us through trails and turmoil. And it is love that gives us hope that no matter what happens, we will always find ourselves and truth again.

Thank you Amy for this extraordinary story. It will forever be most special to me. This story will stay with me, I will remember all of them and engrave them in my heart and soul.

5/5 stars. 

Title: From Sand and Ash; Author: Amy Harmon; Published by: Lake Union Publishing

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