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We Were The Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter 

What a very very special book indeed. I finished this last night and my heart cannot be still, it is frantically trying to make senses of it all, trying not to be torn into million pieces and trying to process all that is in the book to tell. This book has no doubt become one of my favourites of all time.

You all know my favourite genre to read is historical fiction and especially the time period set in the Second World War. I do not say it lightly but I really do learn something new and learn more about the history every time I read a historical fiction. I thought I know it all but I don’t. It breaks my heart again and again but this is my way of remembering the history and remembering the heroes and remembering the incredible strength and courage we all have as a human being.

This book is based on TRUE EVENTS and follows the Kurc family at the start of the war in 1939. Two parents, five children and their spouses. It follows each couple from 1939 to 1947 and tells their stories of survival, of devastation, of separation, of despair, of courage, of every decision they have made that lead to their own fate and to the end. I have read a lot of historical fiction but this one really really is special. The way the author unfolds the story, the way every word is chosen, I love how it is told based on the experience of each person in this family. It is so refreshing but at the same time it is soo raw because it is real. It was what happened to the Kurc family for all those years!

The author is the granddaughter of one of the five children. I am so grateful she has written this story for her family, so we can all be part of this journey. It is devastating but at the same time it shows us love and gives us hope. Family and love are all that really matter.

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