Book Review, Favourite

The Summer Garden by Paullina Simons 

2 months, I could no longer avoid the inevitable, it finally came to an end and I finished The Bronze Horseman series a few days ago. 2 months, I spent two months living in the world of Alexander and Tatiana. I couldn’t even begin to write this review, I feel like I have been devastatingly mourning for the past few days; there is a hole in my chest and I just want someone or something to make it better, to make myself feel better, I am so sad and simply cannot believe this is over.

We always say we have lived a thousand lives through books, how true is this? My journey with The Bronze Horseman begins with Alexander being 22 years old and Tatiana being 17 years old, fall in love in June 1941 in The Summer Garden, this journey continues to the end of the series with Alexander and Tatiana both over 80 years of age, yes, I do believe truly that I have lived a thousand lives through them and with them.

The Bronze Horseman has swallowed my heart and soul, it has shocked me to the very core with its incredibly beautiful yet powerful love story; I lived and breathed with Alexander and Tatiana for the past 2 months, they are with me every single day. I see their lives right before my eyes. I felt what they felt, I loved what they loved, I broke for their heart breaks and I healed with their love.

I will always and forever remember these two months of my life spent living and experiencing the most beautiful and epic love story of our time. It is not just about war, it is not just about devastation, it is not just about heart breaks; it is about humanity, it is about courage, it is about hope and most of all it is about love. The one thing that will propel us through life forever and ever.

This series will be with me, in my heart and in my soul. The Bronze Horseman will pursue me through life to eternity.

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