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The Bear and The Nightingale by Katherine Arden

Wow ok! I am kind of lost of word for a moment as this book has seriously awed me in an absolutely AMAZING way! I don’t quite know how to write this review as this book is not like anything I have read before! But trust me, this book is on my all time favourite book list!

First of all, it is a Russian folk tale. It is a combination of historical and fantasy which I LOVE!! It is about folk lords, maidens, magics, creatures, adventures, families, romances, dramas, dark dark tales! I honestly am enchanted from the first page! The writing is absolutely beautiful. Katherine has a way of charming you and have you fascinated just by a few simple words. It is so endearing I don’t want this to end!

Secondly, it is like reading a few stories within one story. It is very hard for me to explain without spoiling it but every individual and story is linked to the main story but it is so unique and you can’t really look away! It is magical!

At first I thought this is a young adult fantasy book but how wrong was I! It is dark, I mean I got scared at some parts! But it is also enchanting, endearing, heart breaking, sweet and innocent. I love it so much! Cannot wait for the next book and more of this amazing amazing magical world.

5/5 starts 

Title: The Bear and The Nightingale; Author: Katherine Arden; Publisher: Del Rey at Penguin Random House

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